All timber used is good quality Scandinavion joinery grade from sustainable forests. Cladding for walls / roof and floor are machined from 100mm (4inc) width redwood to our own specification into a tongue and groove shiplap or planed tongue and groove 'V' joint, finishing 15mm thick giving a completely draught-proof building. All timber framing is white / redwood planed (not rough sawn) and all sizes stated are the finished size. (The size you receive and not nominal).
Windows are made weatherproof with our profiled sill section and all glass is fixed into beaded rebates with silicone at our workshop.
Roof covering:
All buildings now have polyester roofing felt fitted as standard. Bitumes fibre shingle tiles are available as an optional extra.
Fixtures and Fittings:
All T hinges and pad bolts, screws, nails, bolts etc. are galvanised or BZP, black ornate fittings are nylon, glass is 3mm horticultural with 4mm toughened safety glass (optional).
Timber treatment:
All buildings are fully treated twice for maximum protection and are available in red cedar or rustic brown. We would advise that the exterior cladding is retreated every year to maintain protection against water penetration, ideally twice a year (Spring and Autumn). Timber treatment is available in 5 Litre cans from our Workshop.
Base Details:
It is strongly recommended that all buildings are erected using pressuretreated bearers 3ins x 3ins up to 10ft wide, 4ins x 3ins for widerbuildings. These will need to be levelled on a well prepared base before the building can be erected. Full advice on this is available from us when enquiring about your intended building size.
Please note: For the building you intend to order there must be good, clear and easy access or specials arrangements have to be made for the building to be constructed in small panels (if in doubt please ask).
Insulation and Lining:
Any building in the Workshop or Heavy Duty Workshop range can be insulated with 50mm Jablite and lined with 6 mm red/white interior plywood or an alternative lining of your choice. All joints and reveals will be beaded.
Isola bitumen fibre shingle tiles are available on any building. Double doors, stable doors, shelving, work benches or extra windows can be included. Most buildings can be custom made (within reason) to yourrequirements. For any size or design that is not included in our price list, Please ask for a quotation.